Open Houses

Open Houses!

Open Houses are hosted generally between 2:00pm-4:00pm Saturdays and Sundays!

Open houses are great for many reasons, as a buyer it's an opportunity to see what's on the market first hand. Photos on the internet might help but can often be misleading. When buying a house it is very important not to rule anything out until you've set foot on the property. Open houses are also a chance for buyers to meet agents in person. As a buyer you're going to want to find an agent that understands your needs and works for you to find exactly what you're looking for. There is no better way to find an agent than to meet them in person.

For a seller, an open house proves to have many benefits. Additional marketing is provided to advertise the open house. This means the house is seen by more eyes on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Kijiji. More importantly, prospective buyers entering the home can lead to a sale or even a referral for sale. Which is the ultimate goal for open houses. At the very least the agent hosting the open house leaves with constructive criticism from real time buyers that gives the sellers the best measures on taking to sell the home faster.

I post all the open houses that I host on my Facebook page which you can find in the link below!


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